Monday, March 29, 2010

folk it

What I saw in the mirror tonight was a paranoia of being alone. Long before this mirror was created, I used to be as independent as, well, a bird, to be corny much. No hand was needed to guide me across highways, no eye was needed to protect me from afar and definitely no human being was needed to be what I need it to be right this instance. I used to stay away from strings of guidance and mild protection. I was used to fly alone though I was never even alone.

And then came the absolute comfort that no human being would ever refuse. The strong, independent panther inside this innocent body soften to the words of this creature. I needed more of its inner cloud until the boundaries were eventually crossed. Well, for many times now. I needed to know if it could afford all the burdens I'd unintentionally put into his bag. I needed to stop. I need to stop.