Monday, March 29, 2010


On March 27th 2010, million of people around the world turn their lights off for Earth hour. This is the biggest global call to action against climate change. A call to every individual, every business and every community to stand up and be responsible for our future. 

After the great switch-off, what now?WWF will use this huge vote for the planet  to show politicians, governments and world leaders that we need the deals that will ensure a sustainable future for ourselves and the fantastic diversity of life that lives with us on this one planet of ours.
If you signed up for Earth Hour you may be asked to pull a plug, tick a box or send an email during the next 12 months to help us with our shared goals.
In particular, we will apply pressure in:

  • getting progress on Climate Change agreements
  • doubling the number of tigers in the wild
  • reducing humanity's footprint on this, our one and only planet.